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Egg Substitutes

Eggs play a large part in a non-vegan diet so here are a few ideas for replacements:

There are several egg replacers on the market that can be used in baking and cooking but you can also try some plant-based substitutions such as mashed bananas or flax seeds (see below).

Try out a few to see what works best for your recipe. In place of eggs to bind food together, try rolled oats, breadcrumbs, nut butters or corn starch. Again, it’s a case of experimenting to see what works best.

A great substitute for scrambled eggs is tofu scramble and you can make omelets with chickpea flour. The liquid from a tin of chick peas (called aquafaba) is a good stand-in for egg white. For that ‘eggy’ flavour, try adding some black salt (kala namak) to your dish, it can be bought in some shops or online. We have lots of egg free dishes in our Recipe section.

egg substitutions