Beauty Products

With the recent rise in veganism, there has never been so much choice and this extends to animal-free beauty products. Animal testing for make up and other face and body products has long been controversial due to animals suffering for human vanity but now there are so many vegan options.

Several local shops and businesses sell vegan beauty and body care products, including:

The Sunlight Apothecary  is a shop in the centre of Todmorden selling a range of animal-free toiletries and body care products.

Friendly Soap is an online business based in Todmorden and sells exclusively vegan products.

Homemade alternatives:

Everything from shampoo to toothpaste can be made by you for a fraction of the cost and your own creations won’t contain any harsh chemicals. There’s numerous online blogs with vegan recipes for toiletries, hair care and make up.


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