Every single one of Superdrug’s own-brand products is BUAV approved.  Superdrug’s own-brand products range from shampoos to bandages, aspirin to blushers.  You can get:

  • sun care
  • baby care
  • skin care
  • make up
  • hair care, hair styling, hair colours
  • bathing and body care
  • oral care
  • health care, first aid, vitamins, contraceptives
  • male grooming of all kinds
  • accessories and more

Superdrug’s also have an own-brand make-up line called ‘GOSH’ which is BUAV approved.

If you don’t have a local Superdrug, or it’s quite a small one, you can buy online from Superdrug’s helpful website.

Be aware that Superdrug also sell all the other high-street brands (L’Oreal, Vaseline, Pantene, Rimmel, Simple, etc.) which are not BUAV approved.  Many manufacturers put things like “we do not approve of animal testing” but still test on animals.  Some display little graphics of bunnies or similar.  Unless the logo displayed is the BUAV-approved logo or the Cruelty-Free ‘Leaping Bunny’ logo, this type of bunny picture means nothing – it does not guarantee that the product was not animal-tested.  Similarly, if the manufacturer writes something like “This product is not tested on animals”, the ingredients still may have been – don’t fall for it.

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