Vegan wines and beers

There are are lots of vegan wines and beers widely available.   Some very commonly available drinks, which you find in almost every bar and pub in the UK, are vegan, including:

Stella Artois, Stella 4, Budweiser, Beck’s, Beck’s Vier, Beck’s Blue, Brahma, Leffe, Peroni Nastro Azzuro, Grolsch.  Boddingtons in bottles or cans is vegan.

Guinness is not vegan. As a rule of thumb, it seems most of the commonly-available ciders are not vegan – for example Scrumpy Jack, Stella cidre, Stella pear, Magners, Bulmers.

Locally-brewed Little Valley Brewery’s beers are vegan!


Why are some drinks not vegan?

The reason some alcoholic drinks are not vegan-friendly is that they use ingredients like fish bladder, sea shells, egg whites in the filtering process; this is quite common.  Or occasionally ingredients like dairy or honey can be in the actual recipe.

 Find out more:, or CAMRA website