Strawberry trifle by Phil (Christmas 2019)

Strawberry trifle



  1. Smash up the biscuits and slice the strawberries. Make the jelly as per the instructions on the packet. Arrange the biscuits and fruit into a large bowl and pour the jelly into it. Chill until set (I left it 8 hours but I think it would have been set sooner had I checked).
  2. To make the custard, I loosely followed the instructions on the packet but had to change the proportions (perhaps because I was using soya milk?). Mix 1 tbsp sugar, 4 tbsp custard powder and 1 tbsp soya milk into a paste in a bowl then heat the rest of the milk until nearly boiling. Pour the hot milk into the bowl gradually and whisk in thoroughly. Return the mixture to the pan and heat up for another minute, mixing continually. You should start to get a thick mixture but may need to add a little more custard powder.
  3. Pour the hot custard over the set jelly and return the bowl to the fridge to set for an hour.
  4. Whisk the rice cream in a bowl as per the instructions on the packet (2 minutes with an electric whisk on full power). Spoon this over the custard and sprinkle grated chocolate on top. Chill for another hour.
  5. Serve the trifle chilled to a room full of non-vegans and watch them lap it up!

By Phil