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Reblogged Podcast: Vegan nutrition & the role of vitamin supplements

Today we share a link to a podcast on the Ordinary Vegan website.

Ordinary Vegan Podcast 10

Vegan nutrition isn’t difficult to manoeuvre, but there are a couple of worrisome vitamins we must pay attention to.

Today’s podcast explores those bothersome vitamins and the role of vitamin and mineral supplements in a plant-based diet.

You will learn:
How easy it is to obtain healthy vegan nutrition
How your body is designed to get nutrients
How supplements do not improve health, unless one has a proven deficiency
What supplements you need on a vegan diet
The truth about Vitamin D and cow’s milk
The best way to absorb Vitamin D
What foods have Vitamin B12
How to maintain healthy levels of B12

We will prepare:
One of Ordinary Vegan’s most popular recipes called Twice Baked Sweet Potato with Cashew Cream.  
**Did you know the people of Okinawa have a life expectancy among the highest in the world and 27% of their diet consists of sweet potatoes!**

We will discuss:
Emotional Sobriety and how not to rely on other people to make you feel valued. 

Listen to the podcast

Global Vegan Festivals & Fairs List

Here is a big global vegan festivals and fairs list made by Roddy of Northern Vegan Festival, so please post it on your Facebooks, in case people want to go on holidays at the same time as these events. All events with vegetarian, veggie etc. in the name are fully vegan as far as we know.
It’s by far the biggest list online, hundreds of events on 6 continents, with raw food ones as well.

Image credit: By Strebe (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Surprise vegan buys

Having tea at a friends, I was delighted to find that McVities ginger nuts are vegan, so I had one, or three.

Then on a trip to Lidl, I checked out theirs and it turns out that Lidl’s are vegan, too – does this mean that all ginger nut biscuits are vegan?

Lidl also have several dark choclolate bars which are vegan, including a tasty orange one and a raspberry one – both good.  And their pretzels are vegan.


Also, Lotus biscuits are vegan, available in lots of supermarkets, and they often come with your coffee in cafes – so you can eat them!   There are quite a few other brands of biscuit out there which are vegan – a survey of biscuits is required and will appear on this website soon…

Lotus biscuits