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Ecotricity, get a voucher for switching to a vegan energy supply

Vegan Life Magazine writes:

“We’re all more conscious than ever about the impact our buying choices have on the planet. You check a menu for a vegan options, you only buy cruelty-free cosmetics and clothing. But have you checked the ingredients in your energy supply?

“Millions of British homes are powered by electricity and gas made from animals or their by-products. They can come from factory farming, which means animal slurry and even body parts. Our friends at Ecotricity are the world’s only officially vegan energy company and their energy is only generated from renewable sources like the wind, sun and sea. They’ll make sure you’re not supporting the animal industry with your energy bills. 

“We think you’ve got a right to know how your energy is made, so you can choose a supplier that fits your principles. Here’s everything you need to know about vegan energy, and how to switch to an animal-free supplier.

Vegan Life Magazine have an offer: Switch to Ecotricity and you’ll receive a free £50 voucher to spend at The Vegan Kind Supermarket. Terms and conditions apply.

Please note, 3 Valley Vegans has not been approached by anyone, we are reporting a deal which we found and think our readers will enjoy.