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Petition: 6 rescue pigs losing their home

From Care2 Petitions, by Jaclyn Haggata:

We have now received an enforcement notice demanding we remove the pig shelter (stable), gates and access road – Making it impossible to look after the pigs and ensure their welfare.
After moving our 6 rescued pigs from a very un-suitable exposed field, for which we were charged an extortionate rent, we could not believe how lucky we were when we bought nine and a half acres of ancient, overgrown, un-managed woodland at an auction. …

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Petition dog & cat meat/fur trade

Here is a real opportunity towards an end to the dog & cat meat/fur trade, which is going to be debated in the House of Commons soon. Please could you sign the petition at: soidog.org/uk_petition.htm
You can ALSO write to your MP so they know their constituents want THEM to be present at the debate etc. Let your local dog club/cat charity about this too.