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Help stop giant new chicken farm in Yorkshire

From the Animal Aid website:


Chickens in a broilerPlease submit an objection to plans for a huge new chicken farm in Yorkshire, which could rear more than a million birds per year in cramped, filthy conditions, before sending them to a terrifying slaughterhouse death.

We conducted an undercover investigation at another farm run by H Barker and Son, the company applying to build the new ‘unit’. We uncovered distressing scenes of animal suffering, including birds with missing feathers and raw, sore-looking skin, birds with hock burns (caused by the filthy bedding) and birds collapsing under their excessive body weight. Outside the farm was a pile of dead chickens, left exposed to the open air.

Please help stop H Barker and Son from building a new chicken farm by submitting an objection to the plans, using this link. If you can take a moment to personalise the letter, then that will ensure it has maximum impact.