Petition: Oxfam, World Vision and Heifer: stop animal gifting and save the climate!

Taken from the Animal Save Movement website:

We call on Oxfam, World Vision, Heifer International, Christian Aid, Child Fund, Plan Canada, Lutheran World Relief, Tearfund and others, to end animal gifting programs and implement plant-based projects to alleviate poverty and create long term sustainable solutions for the climate.

–Animal Save Movement

Animal Gifting is the Worst Gift in the World

Donors who buy animal gift cards from development aid charities do so in good faith that they are gifting something really special for someone really special in their lives. But do they realise the true cost of this gift?

Animal gifting adds to the devastating domino effect of events that are correlated with exacerbating the climate and ocean crisis. It leads to a plethora of unintended negative consequences including forest fires, extreme weather, flooding, disease outbreaks such as bird flu, health problems such as diabetes and heart disease, slaughterhouses in the community, and even childhood trauma.

In July 2021, Animal Save India visited the eastern state of Odisha to witness the disastrous impact of Hatching Hope, a colossal chicken gifting collaboration between Heifer International and multinational animal feed and slaughterhouse giant, Cargill. They are aiming to create 60 million backyard chicken operations in India by 2030. Many in the tribal communities are unhappy with the consequences of Hatching Hope, particularly due to recent bird flu outbreaks in the region, extra mouths to feed and youths denied the chance to go to college because they have to farm chickens.

5 Reason to Stop Animal Gifting:

  1. You could be gifting diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.
  2. You could be gifting a forest fire, bird flu outbreak or childhood trauma.
  3. Every animal gift contributes to the methane emergency which is accelerating global temperature rises.
  4. Animal agriculture contaminates our water, acidifies the soil and pollutes the air we breathe.
  5. According to Greenpeace, 80% of global deforestation is caused by farming animals or growing crops to feed them.

We call on development aid charities to improve transparency and implement carbon disclosure of animal gifting projects and for other projects. The Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) are calling for proactive carbon disclosure as an important step to help organisations achieve their sustainable goals.

We call on development aid charities to be part of the solution in avoiding a climate catastrophe by implementing plant-based food solutions. Climate-friendly plant-based solutions, such as the Plant Based Treaty, are essential to alleviating poverty in countries and regions that need support and creating a livable planet for all.

We call on all development aid charities and corporation to stop animal gifting now.