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Food Chain Global Champion Award 2018: nominate now

Global Food Chain Award 2018-croppedThe Food Chain is a food programme on the BBC World Service that, one could argue, lacks any ethical vision.  It is currently seeking nominations for global food champions and we think that opens up opportunities for us vegans to nominate people who are really making an ethical difference to food.  You might wish to nominate a vegan celebrity, politician, food company, campaigner or similar.
The judges are predominantly mainstream chefs but vegan nominations will at least make them realise that there are other ways of looking at food than theirs.  You may wish to show how your nomination has a global impact.

Cast your vote in the VegFest awards 2014

Vote for your favourite products in the annual VegFest awards.  Covering all kinds of vegan consumables from foods to footwear, accommodation to bodycare.  The VegFest awards are a great way to let everyone know about the excellent animal-free products out there. vegfest 2014 logo