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Surprise vegan buys

Having tea at a friends, I was delighted to find that McVities ginger nuts are vegan, so I had one, or three.

Then on a trip to Lidl, I checked out theirs and it turns out that Lidl’s are vegan, too – does this mean that all ginger nut biscuits are vegan?

Lidl also have several dark choclolate bars which are vegan, including a tasty orange one and a raspberry one – both good.  And their pretzels are vegan.


Also, Lotus biscuits are vegan, available in lots of supermarkets, and they often come with your coffee in cafes – so you can eat them!   There are quite a few other brands of biscuit out there which are vegan – a survey of biscuits is required and will appear on this website soon…

Lotus biscuits

Vegan Easter Eggs

Good old Lidl has some vegan Easter eggs, reviewed by Veganoo.

Vegan store have a nice range of Easter treats.

There’s delicious Moo-Free (my favourites for milk and white choc).  Stocked at Waitrose, apparently)

We will hold a chocolate tasting at some stage soon – who’s up for joining in?!