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Surprise vegan buys

Having tea at a friends, I was delighted to find that McVities ginger nuts are vegan, so I had one, or three.

Then on a trip to Lidl, I checked out theirs and it turns out that Lidl’s are vegan, too – does this mean that all ginger nut biscuits are vegan?

Lidl also have several dark choclolate bars which are vegan, including a tasty orange one and a raspberry one – both good.  And their pretzels are vegan.


Also, Lotus biscuits are vegan, available in lots of supermarkets, and they often come with your coffee in cafes – so you can eat them!   There are quite a few other brands of biscuit out there which are vegan – a survey of biscuits is required and will appear on this website soon…

Lotus biscuits