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Cast your vote in the VegFest awards 2014

Vote for your favourite products in the annual VegFest awards.  Covering all kinds of vegan consumables from foods to footwear, accommodation to bodycare.  The VegFest awards are a great way to let everyone know about the excellent animal-free products out there. vegfest 2014 logo

Surprise vegan buys

Having tea at a friends, I was delighted to find that McVities ginger nuts are vegan, so I had one, or three.

Then on a trip to Lidl, I checked out theirs and it turns out that Lidl’s are vegan, too – does this mean that all ginger nut biscuits are vegan?

Lidl also have several dark choclolate bars which are vegan, including a tasty orange one and a raspberry one – both good.  And their pretzels are vegan.


Also, Lotus biscuits are vegan, available in lots of supermarkets, and they often come with your coffee in cafes – so you can eat them!   There are quite a few other brands of biscuit out there which are vegan – a survey of biscuits is required and will appear on this website soon…

Lotus biscuits

Our stand at Tour de Tod

Tour de food Tour de standAfter a wet and windy start, Saturday turned into a lovely sunny Todmorden Community day!

We had a superb spot, right by all the action, and once the crowds had assembled on Pollination St, we were inundated by people wanting to try our tasty food samples and add their names to our mailing list.

We had plenty of helpers and loads of foods for people to try and we promised to put the recipes on the website.  There was some lovely new bunting & a banner and also some brilliant business cards
and flyers to advertise the baking workshop and the walk, coming up this weekend.  There was so much interest in the baking workshop that we might have to put on a second one quite soon.There’s certainly a great interest out there in learning how to cook plant-based foods.

Thanks to all who made it such a successful day.

Our next stall will be in 4 weeks’ time, when we’ll put up our new gazebo in Centre Vale Park, Todmorden for Carnival Day. We’ll be handing out information and recipes, answering questions and selling burgers …. so we’ll need plenty of helpers!

Please let us know if you’re able to help on the day….  Email:

Women’s Day, Tod Town Hall, 22nd February



The IWD on Saturday was a roaring success. What began as a request to cater for the day, turned into a 3 Valley Vegans event !!

Between us all, we managed to promote veganism, raise some money for our group and the Mayor’s Charity and ensure that all food provided was vegan. Alison cooked all day Friday and Saturday and Helen valiantly made over 100 superb cakes ! Penny bought us lots of lovely Saker cake and Mary & Estelle decorated the cafe beautifully and served the food in their special tea party pinnies !

Elizabeth and Margaret did the full day on the stall and Rachel, Janet, Sandra, Caz & our lovely Isaac did their stints too. We raised over £400 on the hot food and cakes .. which will go to Overgate Hospice and a Women’s Refuge.

I think that it was a great way to launch our group and that we’ll go on from strength to strength showing the world (or at least the Upper Calder Valley!!) how a vegan lifestyle is the way to go!!

Hilary x

Womens day